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Spiral Wound Gaskets are composed of a metallic continuous strip with a special shaped profile, coupled with a continuous filling strip (Asbestos, PTFE, Graphite etc.) evenly wound in concentric spiral under constant stress. The Spiral Wound Gaskets are reinforced on the inner and outer diameter by winding of several electrically welded metal. The main property of Spiral Wound Gasket, owing to elastic action of the special metallic strip profile, is that of offering a perfect sealing under fluctuating pressure and temperature conditions & maintaining tight elastic recovering. This elasticity can be modified by a proper selection of components We have Spiral Wound Gaskets from 15mm to 3500mm ID as per international standards such as API601, ASME 16.20, ASME B16.47 A& B series, DIN, British standards, JIS etc. Our spiral wound gaskets are subjected to compressibility & recovery test as per IS 7719 & Sealability test are conducted at ambient/elevated pressure & temperature. Fillers used are Graphite & PTFE. Compressibility & Recovery test as per IS 7719 and Sealability test are conducted at ambient pressure and temperature.

Supply Data :

Filler Material Recommended Maximum Temperature
Graphite 550 °C
PTFE 260 °C
CAF 440 °C
Winding Material Max.Temp(°C) ASME B16.20 colour coding
SS304 650 Yellow
SS316L 800 Green
Duplex UN S31803 800
Super Duplex 600 -
SS347 800 Blue
SS321 800 Turquoise
Monel400 440 Orange
Nickel200 315 Red
Titanium Gr 2 350 Purple
Titanium Gr7 350 -
Hastelloy B-2/B-3 450 Brown
Hastelloy C-276 450 Beige
Inconel 600 1000 Gold
Incoloy 825 450 -
Zirconium 500 -
Hastelloy C-22 450 -
Hastelloy G-31 450 -
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Expanded PTFE Sheet

Expanded PTFE material for applications where just minimal surface pressures are possible.

Multidirectional expanded PTFE material with Excellent corrosion resistance together with superior creep resistance and Sealability create a high grade gasket material for a wide range of applications. Expanded PTFE possesses universal resistance against common chemicals, except melted alkali metal, fluorine at liquid and gas states. Expanded PTFE is an asbestos free material and meets the FDA requirements, doesn’t have any corrosion and is able to be stored without any time limits. It is also suitable for oxygen applications.

Typical Features:
• 100% Pure P.T.F.E.
• Good Sealability
• Good flexibility
• Highly compressible
• Resistant to creep and cold flow
• Low compressive load to seal
• Can seal rough or damaged flanges (PDF for TC)

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The base characteristics of PTFE are the ones offering a unique combination of: low coefficient of friction excellent chemical inertness non-adhesive surface wide temperature range withstanding (–200° C to +260° C), excellent dielectric properties.


The compressive strength at a certain predetermined compression value is one of the most significant mechanical characteristics of PTFE, in a wide range of service temperatures. Flexibility strength, plastic memory and hardness, are additional characteristics of PTFE products.


PTFE products have excellent dielectric performances in a wide range of frequencies and temperatures. The dielectric strength changes according to the thickness and decreases when the frequency increases, with no substantial alterations up to 300°C.


PTFE is practically inert to all chemical products, except for some alkaline metals, for example, clorotrifluoruro and for basic fluorine at high temperatures and pressures.


PTFE is considered one of the most stable materials from the thermal point of view. Up to a service temperature of 260° C PTFE does not change its own physical and molecular properties.

Standard Sizes

300mm x 300mm, 450mm x 450mm, 1000mm x 1000mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, 1500mm x 1500mm Thickness : 0.1mm to 3.00mm (Skived Sheets) 3.00 TO 100.00 MM (MOULDED SHEETS)
Made to Order : Specific Length & Diameter available as per customer's requirements.
Filler : Glass / Carbon / Graphite / Bronze / Bronze + MOS2
Material : Virgin PTFE And Filled PTFE
Specification No. : ASTM D-3308

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We at Gasket & Materials offer high quality silicone rubber sheets. Our silicone sheets are manufactured using the most technologically advanced vulcanization and curing processes, to give you a uniform, smooth a nd dimensional controlled product. Our sheets can be used in various industries & applications and are FDA approved. Our Silicone sheets come in standard 60 shore hardness, multiple widths (1M, 1.2M and 1.5M) with thickness ranging from 1mm – 6mm. The standard length of our rolls is 10 meters. We offer a wide color gamut which includes Red oxide, Transparent, White and Blue. Additionally, we can offer you varied thicknesses and colors on request.